Naughty Lesbian Sex hits American Hotels

After years of sex education, masturbation instruction, and wild fetish parties at the Playboy mansion, sales are beginning to change for the magazine. No longer will there be days of “the girls next door” and playboy playmates naked and flirting in the famous grotto. Starker times have hit Playboy and the magazine has diversified into a large worldwide empire to escape the death throws of a lagging American economy.

The cable programs where a good pair of boobs can bring top dollar have redeemed sales for the time being. “Nothing beats a great pair of tits” says spokesperson Cynthia Dale. The largest purveyor of naughty jangling bits on television isn’t Playboy at all. In fact the dirty perverse lesbian sex acts which can be found showing late night at a hotel room near you are all owned by the big cable companies. Sex has become the new profit center in a lagging mainstream media.

These major hotel chains all offer in-room X-rated movies delivered to the hotel by one of two major distribution companies, LodgeNet or On Command. Some analysts say these in-room sex movies generate more money for the hotel chains than revenue from the hotels’ mini-bars.

“The 5 percent or 10 percent of revenue that the hotel chain gets, that’s pure profit to them because they have no cost,” says Dennis McAlpine, an entertainment industry analyst. “They didn’t put in the wiring system, they didn’t supply the programming.”

So its a good business model to be in. An exciting new way for America to show its leadership – not silicon valley but silicone valley. And the top programs bring in millions of dollars to the otherwise right wing conservative television companies.

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