Blacks Related Closer to Chimps Than Humans? Really?

Another study looking at African DNA has found that they are closer to Chimpanzees than Humans.

Human Genetic distance can be measured. Say that Humans are 1.0 on a scale and Chimps are 0.0 on the same scale. If a people measure 0.6 then their genome is closer to Humans than Chimps. Shockingly, two new studies have found that in fact blacks are closer genetically to chimpanzees than humans, scoring less that 0.5 on the scale. This places more strength to the theory that blacks and caucasians diverged over a million years ago and are not relative species. In fact they are better classified as different sub species such as dogs and wolves or chimps and oranguntans.

The more important of the two is Deka et al., Am. J. Human Genetics 56, pgs. 461-474, 1995. This study looks at some genetic markers and compares the genetic distances of eight human populations (Samoans, North Amerindians, South Amerindians, New Guineans, Kachari [Mongolids], Germans, more generalized Caucasians, and Sokoto Negroes from Nigeria [Nigerian sub-Saharan African Negroes]) to each other and to chimpanzees. The data were analyzed two ways – with Nei’s standard genetic distance, and with modified Cavalli-Sforza distance.

[The pro-gnathic jaw of the ape and modern negro is mostly gone in the evolution of the Europanic lower jaw as the entire facial plane shifted its geometry to be more vertically aligned. This change correlates to the change in brain size as the cranial bone structures evolved with less prognathic jaws correlating to the larger brains.]

Which group was genetically closest to chimpanzees? The answer for both methods was the Nigerian Negro group. Using Nei’s method, the Nigerian-chimp distance was 1.334 +/- 0.375, by far the closest value (second closest was the Kachari value of 1.527 +/- 0.493). To be fair, and show we are not knee-jerk “Eurocentrics” hiding data, the group farthest from the chimps was the South Amerindians (1.901 +/- 0.529); however the Germans (1.865 +/- 0.506) and the more general Caucasians (1.860 +/- 0.497) were right behind them (and given the +/- values, virtually overlapping). Looking at the Cavalli-Sforza method, the Sokoto Nigerians were again the closest to chimps (0.539) by a large margin.

The farthest were again the South Amerindians (0.712), with the Germans (0.680) and general Caucasians (0.667) being a very close third and fourth behind the South Amerindians as well as Samoans (0.711) and North Amerindians (0.697). So, while the two methods give slightly different orders, in both cases the Nigerians are by far the closest group to the chimps. Once again, given the first method, these sub-Saharan Africans were at 1.334 while all the other groups ranged from 1.527-1.901, and given the second method they were at 0.539 while the other groups ranged from 0.643 (Kachari again) to 0.712. Thus, based on these data, the sub-Saharan African group is genetically closest to chimps. The authors state the following about “neighbor-joining trees” based on these data, using the chimps as the “outgroup”:

“…the SO [Sokoto Nigerian – my note] population is the furthest from all the other human populations.”

Indeed, these genetic data are consistent with the work of J. Irish, reviewed here, demonstrating that sub-Saharan Africans are dentally more similar to extinct and extant apes, and to extinct hominids and australopithecines, than are any other human population. The genetic data and the dental phenotypic data match perfectly.

Closer to Ape than European, the science is in the genetics

Closer to Ape than European, the science is in the genetics

Some may find it unfortunate that all these data seem to correlate with certain racial stereotypes. However, we must view facts – however harsh – with honesty. And if that includes recognition that certain groups may be slightly more distant from chimps than are Whites, so be it. Of course, White groups have “on their side” the verdict of history as to their accomplishments compared to other groups;

the European extended phenotype is second to none. However, we can imagine that other less accomplished groups may find these data very unsettling. That is unfortunate; nonetheless, it does not change the facts.

The data can be looked at in other ways as well. One can compare the relative genetic distance between two human groups to that between those human groups and chimps, and thus calculate the former as a percentage of the latter. According to the Nei method, the German-Nigerian distance (0.238) is a full 12.8% of the German-chimp difference, while using the Cavalli-Sforza method the German-Nigerian distance (0.168) is a full 24.7% of the German-chimp distance! And for Caucasians-Nigerians vs. Caucasians-chimps the numbers using these two methods are 13.9% and 24.9%, respectively!

cranial development white vs black

These data – however you crunch the numbers, and however liberals may cry that it is all being “misinterpreted” – are quite fascinating and shed important light on questions of racial differences, racial realities, and the consequences of racial miscegenation. It also points out that determining sub-Saharan African admixture (as well as other admixture) via established technology (here, and here) is of significant importance to us.

The other paper that I would like to mention (briefly) is that of Kimmel et al., Genetics 143, pgs. 549-555, 1996. Here eight human populations – including Caucasians, Mongolids, and sub-Saharan Africans- were studied to determine their relative genetic distances. The only real surprise here (not a surprise is that Germans and Nigerians are again very distant, and that various Caucasian groups, including the Germans, are close together) is the (relatively large) genetic distance between the Chinese and Japanese, which some uninformed folks may view as virtually “identical.” . The distance between those two East Asian groups (using relative measurements different than that of the Deka et al. work) was 0.029.

That is a full 72.5% of the distance (0.040) between Germans and the Bhramins (Asian Indians) of Uttar Pradesh, and is even 8.5% of the German-Nigerian distance (0.342). Not all East Asians are identical, although other data (e.g., Nei and Roychoudhury’s classic 1993 paper) do show a relatively close Japanese-Korean relationship. Different areas of China may show different distances to other Asian groups as well, of course. In any case, the stated intention of future ABD tests to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese origins may indeed be possible, given the Kimmel et al. data.

Now some will argue that humans cannot mate with chimps and produce offspring while whites often mate with blacks and can conceive. Well often if they are Europeans and Africans they have trouble conceiving. Only certain European women have been able to easily have children with Africans – Heidi Klum being one example.

Klum is quite capable of reproducing with Seal, a dark African. But many European women cannot.

Klum is quite capable of reproducing with Seal, a dark African. But many European women cannot.

Also, they do find african human / chimp babies still born all across africa. Thank good they don’t survive because they do look quite grotesque


In summary, racial differences are quite real, and the implications of these differences must be considered, regardless of how startling these implications may be.

[Black brain vs. Europanic brain. Note the difference in folds and complexity. Gould was wrong, the larger size of Europanic craniums holds up to this day.]

Black brains are smaller, have less folds, and less defined Sulcus than Europanic brains

Black brains are smaller, have less folds, and less defined Sulcus than Europanic brains


Note: True caucasian crime is 50-70% lower than stated because police departments under pressure routinely classify Mexicans and Hispanics as “white” when they are clearly not.

Modern Black Skulls Resemble Neandertal or earlier pre-Humans with marked prognathic jaws


It is interesting to note that the skull plates and seams are markedly different between blacks and that of asian or caucasian skulls



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  4. […] police. Teenagers, he said, had been called “monkeys”, fuelling resentment. But in fact new research shows that blacks are closer to monkeys than caucasians so it’s not so much a racial slur as modern […]

  5. Prof. Darwin · · Reply

    Look at Africa as a whole today…and look at Europe, USA, etc. I rest my case. Tons of resources there. Plant anything, it grow amazingly well, yet they are starving. Still cant even work together.

  6. Harsh Truth · · Reply

    It is a well-known, well documented scientific fact that blacks are merely another form of chimpanzee. Blacks are in no way, shape, or fashion human, not in the least.
    All one has to do is study the behavior, appearance, and intellect of chimpanzees and blacks, to see the startling similarities. They are so exactly alike in all ways that it is frightening to think that anyone would attempt to force people into believing that blacks are human.
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    1. This is HARD SCIENCE. GENETICS. How can you possibly think it’s a joke! This is REAL!

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      You are hilarious. White people in general are hilarious.

      I find this article funny at best. It is actually PROVEN (look it up) that whites are more Neanderthal than any race. And the Neanderthals actually evolved from a common ancestor with the apes.

      Now, let’s take into account that Whites in general actually are on Welfare more than Blacks (seeing as we are the minority). As a collective and percentage, yes, to ratio, Blacks do have more on Welfare, but it doesn’t excuse Whites either from breaking down a culture, torturing them then not giving them the means to survive.

      Africa is the richest country, with gold and diamond abound. Before whites, they were not starving, and stricken with illnesses. They thrived. Hell, everyone in the world was like the Africans. Native Americans, Asians, Indians, until the White man came and pretty much destroyed everything.

      People say the world would be better without Blacks (mostly just the White Americans) but who would have built your cities and roads? Who would have raised your children? I’m quite sure Whites would still be bonking each other on the heads, claiming things instead of sharing. Not once in any history book I’ve read, nor seen or even heard about where it showed that Whites didn’t just come in, claim something and pushed the natives out.

      Even in the so called Bible that you guys want to cite. When a man of colour was being immoral, brash, thief like, his punishment was…. Leopardcy. They described it as the ultimate punishment. Losing their skin colour. You want to talk about the seed of beasts, take a look in the mirror. God said to treat all the same and yet Whites are picking and choosing.

      I’m not racist, nor do I honestly give a crap what happens, but it’s just a warning that if that hogwash in the Bible were to be true, I would be seriously afraid if I was you.

      1. Thank you for posting we welcome all views in this discussion. It was chinese labor that built much of the railroads during the expansion era. And when white settlers first landed in Africa they found no inventions, no wheels, no permanent buildings or two story buildings, and some horrific things like some tribes would keep groups of other blacks tied up as a food supply. Whether or not blacks were happier and better off before white involvement is open to debate. Many would like to give Blacks that chance, return to Africa and enjoy it, and get the whites out and the chinese for that matter. Let Africa be for Blacks, Asia be for Asians, and Europe and America be for Europanics. Isn’t that fair? Why do only the Europanic people not deserve a place to build their civilization with their culture? Just like the blacks scream – give us Africa and we will show you what we can do (one refers you to the Liberia colonization experiment of Lincoln) – well clearly Africa is in many ways the result of that generosity. And other nations have had little European involvement in Africa. Europanics say the same thing, give US a nation, a small place, and let us show you what we can do. Except, in our result it’s not people crapping on beaches it’s clean modern societies with inventions and charity. Both races are warlike. But I think Europanics were growing out of it and can no longer be so easily be duped into war. What is horrible however, is how the Marxists running America are determined to flood the nation with mestizo indians and grow blacks on welfare as a controlling force against whites to continue destructive marxist policies in the FFSA. To say that blacks in America have been destroyed by some cruel forces is true, but they have also greedily taken that destruction upon themselves and accept it and do not rise above it. One might say they have reverted to their innate primitive and tribal ways. But remember the Fillmore neighborhood and Harlem in its heyday when blacks owned busineses and had communities. It was self policing and self respect was of the utmost. Blacks may not have 1/1000th the geniuses who change and propel society forward that white races do, but that is NOT to say all blacks are without merit nor is it to say that they weren’t doing much better when they ran productive communities vs. the welfare system which is dysgenic (that means the dumb reproduce like bunnies and the smart people do not). The same dysgenic policies are rippling through Europanic Americans as well with the smartest being forced into work to death universities and jobs and rarely being able to reproduce. All is all kilter all is wrong. Now on the Neandertal genes you are correct, however, that is NOT a negative, Neandertals had LARGER craniums than Modern Man. But it is all the folds of the modern Europanics brain that makes his much more powerful versus a blacks less folded brain. Like the small intestine, these folds enable much greater surface areas to exist in the smaller space. The more we are learning about Neandertal man the more we believe he was quite intelligent, and adapted to the harsh post ice age conditions, and he could easily kick your butt with massive musculature. There were also races of giants, most notably in Africa we find remains, and one wonders if some of the NBA stars do not have some of these genes in them. What is best for man. We see the rampant violence against Europanics as we tried to live beside blacks. The 32,000 times higher rape attacks. In the end it seems that it is Blacks who are voting NOT to be Europanic mans neighbor, not the Europanics. But now, after so much of this, Europanic Americans have had just about enough.

      2. DNA.don' · ·

        You are so right! Europeans, and native Americans, and Aussie Aboriginals, and even the Chinese are all Hybrids. Africa is where 97% of our genes come from (the non-Neandertal genes) But lets face it; for some reason the hybrids were more successful. Why?
        Empathy, cooperation, a large percentage of Non-Alpha body types.
        I would love to see a decent DNA workup on the South American Cones, or the extinct Copper age men who were in North America before Columbus. (shh don’t tell any of our Indian friends it makes them mad..)
        (the Indians said they were tall red haired and ate them occasionally) (yes that means someone else was here?)
        Napoleon, Hitler, and Hannibal, all attacked in the fall. They all failed. Hannibal came up from Africa with elephants, almost like Rommel with his Tanks, but he crossed the Alps in the wrong season, ala napoleon.
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      3. actually the out of africa theory is debunked. its rubbish. africa is where our genes come from is really not true at all. early man was everywhere, we just havent found as much fossil record as we did in africa but we have now made discoveries in china

      4. DNA.don' · ·

        The Earliest KNOWN Large HUMAN shaped skulls (not neandertal,s rear skull-buns, not the cones another neandertal hybrid?) ARE from caves along the beach in south africa. Not north africa. But you are right it will never prove where where our current skull morph originated.
        And who said humans began in africa. Hopefully not me. Most people on earth that we call human are 97% african, and 3% nominal Neandertal. So most humans are 97% african, I guess I should say. SO isn’t that what the nominal requirement for being human is? That makes africans outliers by approx 3%.
        I think the behavior, and heat conserving skin needed as the ice age winded down, was not the african version. And tribal behavior is not conducive to modern society. Not.

        Study study,

      5. A group of fossil specimens was discovered in 1923–27 during excavations at Zhoukoudian (Chou K’ou-tien) near Beijing (written “Peking” before the adoption of the Pinyin romanization system), China. More recently, the finds have been dated from roughly 750,000 years ago,[1] and a new 26Al/10Be dating suggests they are in the range of 680,000–780,000 years old.

        If you look at the appearance of homo erectus (the first proto human before heidelbergensis which was found in Germany and is more modern) you can see it is multi-origin the earlier skeletons look like apes not human hence they do not have the “homo” species marker.

        Daka homo erectus calvaria.jpg Daka 1.0 Ma Homo erectus 1997 Ethiopia Henry Gilbert
        Sangiran 4 1 Ma Homo erectus 1939 Indonesia G.H.R. von Koenigswald
        Homo antecessor.jpg 780k – 858k Homo erectus 1994 Spain Bermúdez & Arsuaga
        Calvaria Sangiran II (B).jpg Sangiran 2 0.7 – 1.6 Ma Homo erectus 1937 Indonesia G.H.R. von Koenigswald
        [35] Trinil 2
        Java Man 0.7 -1 Ma Homo erectus 1891 Indonesia Eugène Dubois
        Ternifine 2-3 now Tighennif [citation needed] 700k Homo erectus 1954 Algeria C. Arambourg
        [36] Sangiran 17 700k Homo erectus 1969 Indonesia S. Sartono
        Peking Man Skull (replica) presented at Paleozoological Museum of China.jpg Peking Man 680k – 780k Homo erectus 1921 China Davidson Black

      6. dna don't lie · ·

        This will probably get tagged onto the wrong conversation by the robot again.
        I looked up the reference you gave. {A group of fossil …excavations … Zhoukoudian … 680,000–780,000 yz old} = Peking man. HE was a morph similar to both Australopithecus, and neandertal, as I remember. Small brain by modern standards. An improved Chimpanzee.
        I have to report this. I being curois about anthropology, did see a man who was very obviously half African, and half japanese. His features were very european. He could have easily been a Proto European all over again.
        Don’t be angry, the DNA proves Europeans are not Africans, they just share genes (97%)
        That in it’self proves they are different. I find it very interesting.
        There is a shape of upper brow-ridges that is shared, by certain individuals, from japan, china, russia, and Northern Europe. It would most likely be a favorable trait that has spread across those continents. I see it in almost all fashion models. Female models, of all races,, including blacks.
        This means people are programmed to recognize that trait. South americans abandon their own looks, and select actresses with this trait. Fascinating. They have the recognition gene – but not the Physical trait gene. Probably on different chromosomes – too bad for them. Generations of disappointed offspring…

      7. Thanks for your post, yes the early fossils are modeled and where you draw the line is confusing. The main point is that the history, the record has MULTIPLE nations showing pre-Homo sapien fossils being found, not just from Africa. So while APE LIKE creatures in the really old 1M years back fossil record show Africa, the actual near links which date from 1M-300k years back, seem to arise everywhere. Thanks for your post, maybe you should write an article with more detail and pictures?

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      1. The problem with many people, like yourself and those whom support your argument is that you all collectively fail to define a clear division between your obvious racism and fact.
        The merging of these two attributes, can either sound incredibly feasible (to some)…or somewhat ignorant/pathetic/ridiculous so on, nevertheless…you are incredibly, immensely wrong.

        As a black female, of course I find your posts offensive, but also quite humoring. I’ll churn out 3 main points as to why. If there are any terms you do not understand within my text, please do not hesitate to reply back to me and engage me with any queries you may have.

        I also urge you to research more about the evolutionary history of man, as you seem to be adorably confused with quite a few concepts in your text.

        1) Human and chimpanzee hybrids? Completely falsified. No such hybrids have been discovered, and never will be, as human and chimp gametes are perfectly incompatible.

        2) The photos you have used to solidify your point as black people being closer to chimpanzees, are ridiculous. They are obviously pictures heavily appropriated toward a particular set of black people (overweight, gorging eyes), which you find humorous.
        The photos you have used to compare the skull types of blacks and whites are extremely biased. The skull type you have depicted is not either representative of whites or blacks, and therefore that point is invalid.
        So the few paragraphs you have used circulating around the topic of skull size/shape are irrelevant, in short.

        3) Your sources/references are incredibly old, and are therefore disregarded as irrelevant within the scientific community. Fortify your argument with recent, well-resourced scientific journals and I’ll take everything I have said back, happily.
        If you need advice on where to access these journals, again I’d be more than happy to assist you.

        Sorry, but try again.

        P.S, to those talking about how blacks are lesser than any other race, and supporting their argument with the supposed words of god, I hate to break it to you, but your god doesn’t exist. Welcome to the 21st century, again your argument is pathetic.

        Thanks for the luls.

        R.Taylor, BSc Biological Sciences.

      2. 1) Human and chimp hybrids – I posted a photo of one and I do point out that they do not survive. But there is more evidence that for example, caucasians have trouble producing children when they try to mate with blacks. Many cannot.

        2) As for the photos being ridiculous, well yes they are meant to drive the point home and it is ridiculous to not recognize the obvious differences I particularly love the dead eyes of the negro “I feel it” child versus the alive white child whose brain is functioning, the same thing is seen in Klums children in picture after picture. What does it mean? Well, it shows a difference in brain development thats so obvious it is clear in pictures.

        3) 2001 is not incredibly old for science. See above comment. It is not like research is from the 1950s or 60s. These were done using modern gene transcription techniques when they first became available and that was the late 90s to early 00s. So it makes sense these comparisons were done then, and also that they just arent that interesting any more because its considered settled. And of course there is the main article cited from 2007. Remember in more recent times as our society collapses these discussions are even more taboo and is reason for the scarcity of the articles as well – hushed up by political correct ethos.

        Here is what I want to tell you.

        1) None of this is racist. None of this is an attack on blacks out of hate. This is race realism. There are differences. If there were not, then NBA teams would not be overwhelmingly black would they?

        2) Every race has a tone, a emotional expression pattern, and a reproduction pattern that is unique to that race. One is not good or bad but they are different. These breeding patterns do cause problems for caucasoid societies with welfare programs.

        3) Blacks have many strengths. They do well at leaping and sprinting competitions. They do less well at strength and fighting competitions (sorry US boxing is rigged, look at the world and olympic competitions for the truth). Who can deny blacks contribution as musicians especially jazz musicians? I cant.

        4) So much of the pain and suffering of blacks is due to political correct denial of racial difference. The goal is not to re-enslave them but to liberate them. There are many articles on this site which discuss the Fillmore district and how once blacks did so well.

        5) Realize that few blacks in america are pure blood. They have enhanced IQs from being inter-racial mixed with Caucasian blood. If the native African only scores a 70 IQ, American blacks score exactly mid-way between africans from africa and whites – 85. Races also have very different IQ distribution, with asians scoring high but with few geniuses, and with caucasions having a very wide distribution – some dopes, but some geniuses, more geniuses than any other race. The great danger is, as has happened to Egypt and India, that interbreeding will essentially destroy that pure gene pool and that rare .01% of geniuses will stop being produced. Look at Cairo today, its pretty much a slum. Look at the amazing temples built 6000 years ago in India. They have never built anything like that again. Country by country, we see this pattern over and over again. Now for a black, to live in a mildly above pre-historic existence like the slums of Cairo or India might seem just fine, the potential of the caucasian race is destroyed utterly, our path is to the stars and cities you could not imagine. Why would we cede that future and go back to dirt huts? Lincoln offered the slaves free paid passage to Liberia and the blacks refused to go. Now we have a mixed race nation which is increasingly producing cities which are > 40% non white. What happens then? Rapes, Outrageous Crime, and Slummification. Even once wonderful Los Angeles is collapsing and decaying. This is what Race Realists decry against. We ask for a nation of ours just like Japanese have Japan and Chinese have China. Somehow we are the only race that is not deserving of our own country and must be filled up with raping savages? A strong word, but what do I call the hundreds of dark skinned who go in groups of 40 and punch the shit out of a 14 year old girl until her face is utterly destroyed then hold her down and rape her for 200 hours one after the other leaving her for dead. Do caucasians do this? Not one incident. What about the 37,000 reported rapes of blacks on whites in one year but zero white on black rapes. When does the behaviour and the statistics get so egregious that you simply are a MADMAN or PSYCHOTIC to deny it? Sorry I dont buy that. When asked what percentage of rapes in Malmo were commited by non-whites the commisioner replied 100%. Let that sink in. 100%.

        Let America split in half and those that want the rapes and murder and economic collapse, let them choose that path. We will chose a modern safe society of inventors and creators, not welfare slums.

  17. smart white guy · · Reply

    thanks for posting this…. the truth about sub-human blacks is undeniable. now, i don’t want them hurt or anything, just put back in africa where they belong.

    1. Subhuman is not the correct term. Scientifically, the evidence is that the black genome branched away from the rest of humans many millions of years ago. They are more correctly a different sub species, Homo sapien africanus vs. Europeans who are Homo Sapien Sapiens

      1. See if you can me with that evidence; I’ll give you some criteria to work with:

        1) Must have been published within the last 5 years
        2) Renowned and reliable source, scientific journal/publication, .i.e ncbi

        Can’t produce evidence? I thought so.

        The infantile dribble you are spouting, doesn’t get taken seriously within the scientific community at all. So loosely using the term ‘scientifically’, doesn’t actually add validity to your P.O.V. You see fellow human being, you’d understand this if your intellectual capacity was a little more forgiving than a bigoted ‘ignoramus’.

        Haha! Good luck!

      2. The studies, and a rush of them, were done when the technology to evaluate genetic distance became available. That is why this work is done between 1995 and 2002. It was interesting and new then, now we all know blacks are closer to apes than they are to caucasoid hominids because the four or five studies were already done. The criteria of “must have been published in the past 5 years” also does not apply to the theory of gravity, relativity, planetary orbit, electricity theories, or even quantum theory. So how can you possibly think that’s part of the scientific method? its not.

        Once multiple different teams find the same result and publish it, science tends to move on unless there is more discovery, or refutation. Thats the scientific method. If you don’t ascribe to that, well then we can’t even have this conversation. What about the multiple IQ studies like the Bell Jar? Again you probably don’t ascribe to that either cause “dems is Raciss” uhm yah.

  18. DNA.don' · · Reply

    Firstly understand that devolution is a real process. Blind cave fish; lung-less amphibians; legless lizards; these are all animals that lost a prior adaptation in order to exist in a particular niche.
    All it would take is one successful cross between a African early human, and a chimp ancestor.
    (much as is hypothesized between humans and Neandertals) and the genes would show similarities.

    AFRICANS needed skin that retained heat to advance into the frozen wastes, as the last Ice Age ended.
    Neandertals needed the frontal lobes of the Africans, to deal with abstract thought.
    Africans needed social coping skills, empathy, cooperation, forgiveness, to live in colonies in caves and later in long huts in the north.

    It is obvious that traits migrated across both gene pools. It may be that some of our great apes had reproductive contact with our ancestors before we changed out chromosome number.
    That was our Rubicon, there was no going back, no diluting with small brained cousins. We were cut off.

    I would like to know what the Neandertal chromosome count was, which side of the gap they were on. Remember that up until our chromosome count changed, hybrids with the “great apes” were FAR more possible, we had the same number of chromosomes.

    A big brain is sometimes a liability, if the organism is well enough adapted. It is just a big tender problematic organ.

    DNA will tell the story, we just have to listen.

  19. Michael Cooper · · Reply

    All of the commenters who believe in this nonsense are dumber than I thought. Apes and Blacks are clearly different creatures. Apes have thin lips and straight, similar to us white people. Blacks have full lips and tightly curled hair, huge difference. I am really ashamed of my own white race. An advice to my beloved people (on this forum) – GROW THE FUCK UP!!

    1. The hair argument is often used. I don’t buy it. Sorry. I’ve seen apes and their hair is much more like blacks. Apes don’t have curly hair but they do have thick coarse hair, not the fine hair of Europanics. And as for lips, have you seen an orangutan and you can’t tell me their huge lips aren’t massive. so … nice try.

    2. dna don't lie · · Reply

      Don’t forget the most important fact:
      NEAR… Some will claim that Sub-saharan-Negroids are nearer to chimps.
      And geographically this IS true. And the genes that are shared could have been shared through hybridization, or it is suggested by one eating the other species routinely.
      Chimps may be storing the results of a past hybrid offspring that remained in the chimp gene pool. The truth is that the big brain was a successful trait and migrated throughout the world – A trait that colonized the entire human world. Where as african, skin, hair, and behaviors appear not to have colonized other gene pools as successfully.
      Neandertals died out. The cones also died out, both in south america , and in Egypt.


      1. Ahhh the cone heads… How can I resist such a topic! Another thing modern Academia doesn’t want you to know about. I hear they even shut down the public exhibits in south america moving everything into private storage! The cone heads were formed by deforming the skulls of infant children using boards according to the official academic theory. Uhm yah… right.

      2. DNA.don' · ·

        For generations our industrialists have imported, Cornish, Irish, Italian, Polish, workers. (black) They have to be destitute and willing to work for pennies. That enables the creation of products to be sold domestically, or overseas at a competitive price. When the new workers become older wiser workers, like the united auto workers did in the late sixties, they must be put in their place.
        They must be shown who owns this country and who CAN ALWAYS bring in their replacements, if they demand too much pay.
        What was needed was a diversion, to keep the military away from the borders, long enough to put two million starving new workers into the equation.
        But the New War without a Draft call-up, meant hiring mercenary’s. The billions spent on the mercenaries and their logistical support, sucked the value out of the united states like sucking the air out of mattress/raft. In the past wars the pay, and support had all gone to Americans, who sent the money home – had to to keep their families alive. Who paid taxes, and hired more draftee’s. That is stasis.
        –President G.Bush Junior still has no clue he exported the value of our country. He hired foreign companies to support the war machine. The next time you use one of those pumps to shrink camping gear – think bush. That is what he did. And at the same time US workers were replaced.
        He and Chaney are war criminals, but their victims are not merely overseas, they are here. These criminal incompetents are still at large. They should at least be on house arrest with ankle bracelets. (because of the way they fought – not for defending us)
        At least Obama is spending money within the economy. HUGE difference.
        Be happy,

  20. Michael Cooper · · Reply

    @ thscollapsereport

    “It was Chinese labor that built much of the railroads during the expansion era.”

    OK, if that’s the case why did we, whites, victimized Chinese laborers? Does the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 ring a bell?
    Was that the American thing to do or was that our way saying thanks yellow chink now get the fuck out of our land? Like I said in my previous comment, I am really ashamed of my own white race.

    1. I don’t follow your logic. We brought in many chinese laborers, so then we passed the exclusion act to stop that. Just as now we should stop bringing in mestizo indian hispanics.

      When there was a need we opened the flood gates to foreign labor. Now that need is forever passed. So why don’t we close the gates?

      The Chinese prospered and built successful communities in America even with the tough times, so much so their name for San Francisco is “Gold Mountain”

  21. Michael Cooper · · Reply

    I have personally apologized to my wife (who’s Chinese) for our country’s wrongdoing to her forefathers in the late 19th century.

    1. I thought it was the British who ransacked China with the Opium wars. Not America.

  22. Michael Cooper · · Reply

    I don’t follow your illogic as well. My wife’s great, great-grandfather was a victim of the Chinese Exclusion Act NOT the Opium wars. It was an American president named Chester Arthur (not some British guy) that victimized hard-working Chinese laborers.

    Stop picking your battles with other people, especially people of color.

    I must ask the question – Why did “you guys” stopped the laboring of the Chinese in America?

  23. Hilarious · · Reply

    People actually take this article seriously? Wow. People are so gullible….

    … and stupid.

  24. Zeynep Erdogan · · Reply

    Unblievable how some people left comments, very rude.

  25. niqqers are worthless wastes of oxygen and the world would be SO much better off if they could all succumb to sickle cell or their AIDS they caused from fucking chimps..i was so hoping this new disease they started would kill them all of but idiot lib-fag whites keep saving them. STOP SENDING FOOD AND MEDICINE AND LET NATURAL SELECTION TAKE THEM. just think how great it would be….95% reduction in crime, (especially rapes and robberies). we could then use Africa as a giant animal reserve/oxygen generator. they are animals, and they are worthless. other animals have a use at least. niqqers do not

    1. First of all, please hold the name calling. This isn’t a hate site. Race Realisim is not racism, its a movement to address the facts and evidence we can observe and develop theories and solutions using the scientific method. Not hate.

      One solution is separation. But that will not happen in our current political environment. What then? We should try to re-adjust our policies, yet our current president wants to utterly open our borders and give handouts to everyone BUT out of work american citizens. this is wrong. We need a third political party. For too long have the two corrupt parties cozied up to business and oligarchs.

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