North Koreans Turn To Humans For Meat

A defector now living in Australia recently claimed that human flesh is served up to eat in the country’s third largest city, as starving people struggle to feed themselves.

Sung Min Jeong, 44, claimed that in Chongjin – a city at the tip of the North Korean coast – a shopkeeper serves up human meat.

Fears that famine-stricken North Koreans are being forced to eat human flesh heightened earlier this year following claims a man was executed for murdering his two children for food.

Those caught selling human meat face execution, but one source told the North Korean Refugees Assistance Fund: “Pieces of ‘special’ meat are displayed on straw mats for sale.

“People know where they come from, but they don’t talk about it.”

One man was fined after eating his entire family – “What can I do! There’s No Food Nothing!” he screamed. Kim John Un the fearless leader told his people not to worry. “There is plenty for everyone” said the leader sipping champagne and caviar “We have no hunger problem here!”

At a recent dinner with Dennis Rodman the two ate more food than 1200 families in North Korea typically receive in one month. Hey Dennis, better check that roast beef bone carefully you might be eating a different kind of dish than you think!

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  1. I would rather die than do that!

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