Illegal Aliens To Texas Capital – “This Is Our Country Now!”

illegal alien

In a crazed march on the Texas state capital demanding free citizenship and welfare payments, a hoard of illegal aliens from Mexico descended like a crazed burrito convention.

“This language [illegal aliens] — they’re demonizing my parents and my family,” said Alicia Torres, 27, from San Antonio, who, despite graduating from a U.S. college with a nursing degree, remains undocumented more than a decade after she and her family immigrated illegally from Mexico. “I snuck through the river and bushes, now I belong here”

It’s a recurring theme, that simply sneaking past the border patrol means they should have full rights to in state tuition, free food and shelter, and a whole host of welfare handouts.

“We risked our life to be here, now we want our share. Our children are hungry, we need the housing and EBT” said Enrique Vascos, a construction worker from El Paso.

“I have snuck in more than five times. It is not easy to become an American this way” said one older woman.

Most receive some subsidies from the WIC program from babies they have in America that are incorrectly categorized as U.S. citizens.

The push comes as more drones are being used on the border. “Las Dronas del Diablo!” screamed one man, worried about what would happen if the president put some of the 100,000 drones slated for interior enforcement on the U.S. border with Mexico.  And does Obama have the right to shoot to kill illegals sneaking in if he already claims the right to do so to US Citizens.

Obama has given assurances that the drones will only be used on American citizens.



Support for the illegals was thought to extend all the way to Penn State campus when it turned out that the illegal alien protesters were in fact members of the Chi Omega Sorority.

The  women dressed in sombreros and mustaches. Some of the women held signs that read “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

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