The Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 is a United States federal law that establishes the requirement for paying the local prevailing wages on public works projects for laborers and mechanics. It applies to “contractors and subcontractors performing on federally funded or assisted contracts in excess of $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair (including painting and […]

William, or Will I Am as he likes to be called, who supported Obama with the Yes We Can song and probably doesn’t think that is a mistake, is out hoofing for Puls, a thick chunky black watch thingie. The problem is, they take the Think Different tag from Apple, but try to throw in […]

I was filling out a job application and they asked me about my “ethnicity” and about my “race”. Under ethnicity they listed: White, Hispanic, Asian, Black, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian Native, Eskimoo Now the first thing that struck me as odd is aren’t more AmerInd races genetically similar? Why do we have three classes for them? […]

A Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a woman who came at him with a knife at a busy Costco in Sterling on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said, causing confused and frightened shoppers and employees to duck behind cash registers and rush out of the store. Just seconds before, an eye-witness had gotten a slice […]

IT’s time to eat that Hershey bar now. Stock up. Cause chocolate is about to get ugly. Much of the worlds chocolate production comes from the Ivory Coast, in areas hard hit by Ebola. Worse, does that happy chocolate bar have a nasty hidden surprise for you? As for me, I’m stocking up on enough […]


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