Hubo, the robot squirreled back to America by Google for study, is hardly more advanced than Tobor, the robot from 1956. This is progress?

The move to import Ebola infected people into the USA by Obama will result in catastrophe.

Madness has officially taken over the city by the bay or perhaps this is more to your liking.. “THE SUMMIT” Russian Hill 2 BR 2 BA CONDO W/ Parking Garage $5750 2BR 2BR / 2Ba condo available sep 05 w/d in unit attached garage $5,750/mo, 2Bd/2Ba Condo, 1681 sqft.

Recent news would seem to indicate we are engaged in a pullback in Afghanistan. The reality on the ground couldn’t be further from the truth. The Army is seeking contractors to go to Iraq. Explains David Johnson, a former Army lieutenant colonel who is executive director of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies in Washington, […]

The US Government can do something very simple. Authorize the Treasury to print 4 trillion dollars a year in “American” notes and use it to pay back all our debt. Once the debt is paid off, in roughly five years, simply print the dollars the government spends. There is no need for taxation or tax […]

A world without fake boobs. The horror, the horror. Men, accustomed to skinny bean sized girls with balloon pumped mammaries are having to adjust to flat chested girls again for with the tight currency controls, Venezuela cannot import breast implants. “It isn’t right, there just aren’t enough big boobed girls in Venezuela to go around, […]


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