Business executives and politicians endlessly complain that there is a “shortage” of qualified Americans and that the U.S. must admit more high-skilled guest workers to fill jobs in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and math. This claim is echoed by everyone from President Obama and Rupert Murdoch to Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Yet within the past month, two […]

The emperor has no clothes! That’s what a kid yelled in the fairy tale. Now Rihanna thinks its ok to show up with nothing on. But it’s ok, because she’s black I guess. Then there’s the TV show Bachelor in Paradise. “Shes Hot” “Like Yah” “Boy I want some alone time with her” “Yah shes […]

There’s a new boom in tourism in Ferguson, MO. Looting Tourism that is. Blacks have been driving for hours, some even for days, to get in on the action. “I got three color TVs and a swiffer sweeper!” screamed an excited Dawna (not her real name). “I got 30 cheeseburgers! And some fries!” said another, […]

When it comes to Chinese (or any other in these centrally-planned, fabricated days) economic data, there is GDP and then there is reality. And as the current premier of China himself has admitted, there is no more accurate indicator of real, not bullshit “growth”, than China’s monthly power consumption. It is here that another rather […]

Hank Paulson walked away with 500 Million dollars. And no one got in trouble. In 1989, the government created a one-time loophole for a handful of high level positions that would help attract highly talented professionals away from the private sector. This loophole gives the candidate the ability to liquidate his or her entire portfolio […]

The longest period of downturn during the great depression of the 1930s was four to five years. If you consider a general down trend it is seven years. During the great depression there were interspersed years of growth. We have now hit fourteen years of total collapse! Isn’t that incredible! Yet the media stays silent. […]


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