Click here to buy it now I was looking over those nifty sinclair credit card knives that are so trendy right now. And lusting for one. But then I had to make a fire. And split wood. And very quickly came to realize that for much of what you are doing to survive a little […]

As we watch the Ukraine descend into chaos the book of Revelations comes home hard. As we sit on the brink of armageddon something occurred to me. “Behold a Pale Rider” kept echoing in my head. And who WHO is this pale rider. It’s none other than Brarckbakbak Obama. The palest black man on the […]

Yet again a study has shown that Blacks are on the chimpanzee line with respect to X/A dominance. More than likely it will be shown genetically that while Bonobos most resemble modern humans, it is chimpanzees which resemble modern blacks with their highly agressive society. Bonobos live in peaceful constructive society and genetic distance shows […]

Ohhh all the great deep lessons from Ariana on how to be successful. How her poor mom scrubbed floors to get her to Cambridge. How to thrive you need to learn to take it easy and meditate. But there was a missing chapter to the book. and it’s vital. and that’s how to marry a […]

Harry Reid had a deal with the Chinese to build a solar plant in Nevada. Reid would make out like a bandit while enslaving Americans to the Chinese for electricity. They pushed through legislation imposing grazing fees on the ranchers then bought their grazing rights as they went broke. When ranchers appealed to the crooked […]

The economic catastrophe is tripled by the government pretending it doesn’t exist. No programs have been set up to help the middle class even unemployment which in America can be as little as 10% of a middle class salary (most european countries pay 80% or 100%!) has been cut back. Because we’re in a recovery […]

    In a silenced hush of a press conference a nervous Eric Holder approached the microphone then burst into a big grin. “I’m White and I’m proud!” screamed Holder, surrounded by his new white friends.  A chorus of white singers in the background screamed out “Hallelujah” as the whole room erupted into a flurry […]


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