I had the delightful horror of watching the “fat monica” episode of friends. The true horror of friends is that we are celebrating the wonderful successful fake lives of three dumb vapid anorexic women who date three dumb vapid men (chandler being only half vapid, ross being the castrated wimp vapid man whose supposed to […]

“the case of Hernandez v. Stephens was one of thousands denied review by the Supreme Court this past term, that it received next to no media attention is deeply puzzling. The case involved a Mexican-born illegal immigrant named Ramiro Hernandez who was convicted in a Texas court in 2000 for the murder of his employer […]

Jerry Brown made a shocking proclamation this week welcoming illegal invaders promising them drivers licenses and free welfare. Yet as the state population grows where will the water come from? Already many communities have utterly run out of water with even wells running dry. They call it “drought” but the reality is it’s population using […]

With to price to escape from American global slavery, a slave status which taxes you on worldwide income a practice so repugnant no other nations except Canada do it (and only because all americans would become Canadians if they didn’t), America has now started to close the Iron Gate and make it harder and harder […]

Ah Texas, the free state. Unless you use tobacco that is. If you do, it’s legal to discriminate against you in hiring. New policies have whole companies now refusing to hire employees who use any tobacco product, even an occasional cigar smoker   Cigna will no longer hire – where state law permits applicants who […]


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